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  •   bdsm artist turktell by looking at it that it would have a hard time containing her large breasts. The only remaining clothing was black stockings and a garter. There were no panties or bra. She frowned; she didn“t want to wear these sluttish clothes. There would be no doubt that she was a true slut when Master“s friends saw her dressed like this. She shook her head violently. No, she would not complain. If Master wanted to display her body then he had every right. She would not risk his anger. Sighing she put on the offensive clothing. Looking down at herself she saw it was much worse than she thought. If she barely moved her cunt and ass were clearly visible, and the tops of her nipples showed over the horribly low cut shirt. The stockings and garters just made her look like a street walker. She felt tears stinging at her eyes. She looked like such a whore, how could she go out like this. Fighting back tears she went to her little room to put on makeup and do her hair. She put on her high heels; t bdsm artist turk hey had four inch heels and were very uncomfortable as well as hard to walk in. She knew though that he would expect her to wear them. She finished quickly and stumbled back into the living room to wait for him. He was enormously pleased with himself. He had almost pushed her too far. He could still feel the disappointment and anger he felt when she tried to tell him no earlier. He cared for her deeply, but she was his slut, and he knew her better than she even knew herself. It had scared him for a moment to think he might have gone too far. But just the mention of leaving her had her crawling back to him, begging to do what ever he wanted. He felt so powerful, so proud. She was completely his now, he had no doubt that it would prove to be wonderful evening. He was going to make sure that she was used and humiliated beyond what she thought she could handle. He couldn“t wait to see the anguish on her face as she struggled to obey, knowing if she didn“t, she would lose him. There was no
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    bdsm artist turk doubt she would obey. He couldn“t wait to see her in the sluty clothes he bought for her. He usually preferred her naked and ready for him, but tonight he wanted her to feel like a whore. Midway down the steps he stopped and gasped slightly to himself. His shy little slut had been transformed. She stood in the middle of the room trying hard not to move. She truly looked like whore from the street. With every breath he caught a glimpse of her pussy peaking out beneath the skirt. The garters made her legs look incredibly sexy to him. He forced his eyes away from the sight to look up at her breasts. He chuckled; she had large beautiful breasts that were barely contained in the tiny pink shirt. He could see the tops of her nipples, he could imagine how humiliated she must be, standing there as he stared at her. Acceptable, he said walking down the last of the steps to stand in front of her. He reached out and grabbed a nipple squeezing hard bringing a gasp to her lips. He held on tightly

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