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  •   handprints spanking galleriesLisa's head hung down as her long brown hair covered her face as the only thing holding up her nude body was the chains that restrained her wrist. "Did you piss yet?" The Punisher asked her. "No sir, I have been holding it as you told me to do." She said with a voice that was becoming weak and cracked as tears burnt her eyes. "How much longer must I hold this piss?" she asked him trying to fight the pressure building on her bladder. "When I tell you that's when." He told her as he released his throbbing cock from his pants smiling at Lisa and stroking it slowly. Lisa began to weep louder as the pressure from her urine was becoming so unbearable to her. This sight excited The Punisher even more and he stroked his cock even harder breathing deeply through his nostrils. He loved how Lisa's legs were closed tightly together as her body squirmed to prevent the loss of even a drop of urine. He roughly grabbed her breast in both of his hands, squeezing and twisting her nipples and with a sud handprints spanking galleries den push to her stomach causing her pain to her bladder. She held it though. Tears streaked her face as the pressure was becoming unbearable to stand. His cock slid up into her pussy and the stimulation of her pussy and the desire to piss was becoming such a strong urge mixed with the fact that she wanted to cum and piss on him at the same time. "Please Punisher may I release my fluids for you?" She asked as his hands held her ass cheeks tightly. The Punisher smiled at her as his cock rammed deep into the thick moist juices of her pussy. Now." he told her grabbing the back of her hair and wrapping it tightly with in his fingers. Her nipples were hard and swollen, she gushed piss mixed with her hot juices over his large throbbing cock as he bit her shoulder while his cock spewed his hot thick white cum deep into her pussy mixing with her own juices and piss. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her mouth was opened as sounds of pure erotic pleasures escaped her lips rising from d
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    handprints spanking galleries eep in her stomach. His eyes were closed tightly as his body raged from the passions that this small delicate creature gave to his masculine body. Lisa's orgasm seemed as if it would not stop just as the urine that flowed from her pulsating pussy, her hips moved in a hard circular grind as she was being over come by the feelings of pure release not wanting it to stop, enjoying how her body was feeling right now. The punisher's cock felt so good beating the interior walls of her pussy until her moans turned into loud screams of pure, hot erotic pleasures and he pulled her hair even harder as their breathing was rasp and deep. For a few minutes there was total silence between them only their breathing could be heard between them and then her body went limp when he unchained her from her cuffs. "You are free to go now Lisa." he told her as he left the room she had been kept in. Lisa pulled herself together smiling to herself as she planned her next crime to be reunited with The Punisher.

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